Travel Europe By Rail And Europe Becomes Your UndiscoveredOyster - Europe is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Siberia Russia Part Chita - After deciding to move to Siberia for a year to teach at the Chita State Technical University, I embarked on a travel odyssey unlike any other.

A Pilgrimage to Cape Trafalgar - Once described as the most famous place on Earth that no one has ever been to, Cape Trafalgar near Cadiz in Southern Spain finds itself centre stage in 2005.

Coughing Our Way Across The Country - As we drove from Traverse City, Michigan to Tucson, Arizona, I wrote a series of letters, and photocopied them to send to family and friends.

The Caravan whines - Going from England to France with a

Golf in Orlando Timacuan Golf and Country Club - On our last full day in Florida we had a chance to play another beautiful golf course, this one located about half an hour north of downtown Orlando in the community of Lake Mary.

Staying Safe Using Public Transportation - Public transport is normally very safe and most taxi companies are reputable licensed firms whose drivers have been vetted, so here is some advice that should help you feel more confident when traveling by bus, train, subway, or taxi.

How the Internet Has Accommodated Hotels and Brought Cheap Deals to Consumers - A few years ago, we relied on travel agents and word of mouth to find a hotel.

Cheap Flights Hotels for Weddings In India - With the romantic hues of pink all round you, the romantic cities of India never fails to satisfy all your touristic senses.

Travelling With Your Dog to a BB Pamper Your Pooch - Beautiful antique furniture, big fluffy robes, extravagant breakfasts, and intimate settings are what most people bring to mind when thinking of bed and breakfast inns.

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