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With the romantic hues of pink all round you, the romantic cities of India never fails to satisfy all your touristic senses. It is no wonder then that India has fast become one of the most popular places on earth in which to tie the knot? Yes, more and more couples are choosing to get married Maharajah-style at one of the opulent palaces in a style reminiscent of the British Raj. For more information on wedding & holiday packages to Jaipur, check out "www.ticketstoindia." for great deals on air fares and discounted hotel rates. Do not even try and book a hotel in Jaipur directly yourself? unless you have just won the lottery! Prices are sky high and it is only through a specialist tour operator that you can be assured of excellent quality combined with low prices.Located just a short drive from the capital city, New Delhi and close to Agra (home to the Taj Mahal), the royal city of Jaipur (also known as 'The Pink City' due to the predominant colour of its buildings), is well established as one of the most romantic places on earth to get married. From the rich history of its palaces to the gorgeous landscaped gardens of the luxury hotels to the serenity of the floating palace on Ramgarh Lake?everywhere you look there is pink?the colour of romance.

Jaipur is the throbbing, vibrant capital city of the colourful state of Rajasthan where the regal ambience of yesteryear is still felt throughout the city's numerous carved arches and once-bejewelled fortress walls. Enter this mystical city through a narrow, cobbled street where street vendors selling everything from sweetmeats to silver trinkets and leather slippers call out to passing trade. Pass the huge hill on the right with its stunning royal residence where decorated elephants obediently transport delighted tourists to the top for its amazing vistas of the city spread out below. Follow the winding road until you begin to see the glittering lights of the city's numerous palaces begin to emerge on the left hand side across the glistening waters of the Ramgarh Lake.

Stop to take pictures or simply gaze in stunned silence at the beauty of the floating palace of Ramgarh ? perfectly illuminated by golden lights strategically placed on all four corners of the palace.And then comes the main city?surprisingly wide, clean roads with some of the most well known brand names dotted on each side?from the newly opened Hilton Trident to the Sheraton and Le Meridien?you will find a massive choice of premium accommodation in Jaipur. Each hotel has retained the city's former glory and royal demeanour and the service excels itself. Just remember to book your stay well in advance to avoid disappointment, as it is busy year round in this city of royal romance. Some of the most highly recommended hotels to stay in whilst visiting Jaipur include the Taj Group's Rambagh Palace and the Jai Mahal Palace Hotel.

The opulence of both hotels will literally take your breath away and many a wedding takes place in the perfectly landscaped grounds of these hotels with their backdrop of lush palms and fountains.A quick tip: whether staying at the Rambagh Palace or not, do take time to enjoy the delicious al-fresco breakfast buffet where the smart Jodhpur & waistcoat clad staff will treat you like royalty. With eggs made to order and succulent sausages and bacon following plates of the freshest, sweetest fruits, the plump muffins and Danish pastries are hard to refuse especially when accompanied with a choice of teas, coffee and piping hot chocolate. And all served in the finest china and silver.

Drive further down the main boulevards of Jaipur city and you come to a set of intricately carved arches, which divide the Old City from the New City. Once through the arches, your senses are immediately assaulted by the noisy onslaught of rickshaws, buffalo carts, taxis, bicycles, scooters, elephants and cars all jostling for space on the same road. Whistle blowing policemen, horn blowing cars, mooing cows and convincing street peddlars create a melodious harmony of ethnic sounds, which to the first time visitor to Jaipur, can be quite startling!.In addition to booking your flights and accommodation, we can also arrange:

  • Meet & Greet at Airport
  • Assistance of a Wedding Planner
  • Wedding Day schedule
  • A beauty treatment for the bride (manicure /pedicure /hair styling etc)
  • A professional wedding photographer to record memories of your special day.

  • Assistance with all legal paperwork
  • Appointment at the Registrar's Office the day before the Wedding
.Annie Jones writes about "Weddings In India". Get more information about Cheap Flights To India at http://www.ticketstoindia.

By: Annie Jones

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