Want To Fly For Free Heres How I Do Just That

Want to Fly for Free? Here's How I Do Just That! "Travelling is so expensive! How on earth can you afford to travel so many times in a year Glen?" With a bewildered look on my face I reply, "What do you mean it's expensive. I fly for free. Don't you?" I have had this conversation so many times with friends and colleagues that I decided it was about time that I share with the rest of the world what I thought was obvious. .That pretty much anyone can fly for free.

Let me explain something you probably already know, but chances are don't fully capitalize on. Flying is FREE! How? With Air Miles of course. What are Air Miles you ask? Those are the 'points' that most major credit card companies will GIVE you when you make purchases with your credit card. I can hear you already.

"Whoop dee doo Glen, tell me something I didn't know!" Well, although you may have known that you can get free air miles using your credit card to redeem towards free flights, did you know most people (maybe even you) don't capitalize on this? Did you fly for free 6 times last year? I did! Yes, that's 6 as in 'six' times - free. And I could have flown even more but I didn't need or want to. Now if you flew that many times or more last year you probably need not read any further. But if you didn't you need to learn how to maximize the number of air miles you can squeeze out of your credit card company. Here's how I did it. Obtain and use a 'Gold' Credit Card All major credit card companies offer a 'Gold' or equivalent credit card to their customers which includes several benefits including, free insurances, loss and theft protection of purchased items, and of course free air miles! Yes, I know, they charge you a yearly fee to have a Gold card.

Yup, I paid $120 last year for my Gold card and I flew six times. That means I paid a whopping $20 for each flight I took. Okay, you got me, I don't fly for free but rather at a 99.

9999% discount! More Air Mile Points, Equals More Free Travel Maximize the number of Air Mile Points you receive by using your credit card for everything! And I do mean everything. Here are a few ways I use my card. See if you can't think of some more.

Personal Use: - groceries - clothes - diapers - gas - dinning out - movies - entertainment - school, tuition - books - CD's - health insurance - home insurance - car insurance - life insurance - down payment on new car - car leases - computer equipment - phone bill - Internet bill - television bill - water bill - gas bill - electrical bill - property taxes - and everything and anything else! Business Use: - Internet purchases - paying affiliates - paying suppliers - paying contracted employees such as accountants, programmers, support staff - paying for advertising campaigns - office equipment - hotels - rental cars - food . and anything and everything else you can think of. So you see, the possibilities on how and where you can make purchases with your credit card are unlimited. And because they are unlimited, your free travel should be virtually unlimited to. Think about it. At the end of the year, how much of your salary is left in your savings account? Ten, maybe even 15 or 20%? Okay, let's say you are an exceptional saver and are able to save 20% or your yearly income.

That means 80% was spent on everything and anything else. Spend it on your credit card and get the free Air Miles! Let me do the math for you. Based on the example of spending 80% of your income, If you earned $50,000 that means you spent $40,000 If you earn 1 Air Mile for every $1.00 you spend, that's 40,000 Air Miles every year. But Wait! If you run a business and had expenses of say $50,000 that would mean an additional 50,000 Air Miles every year.

How many flights could you take with 90,000 Air Miles every year? What if you earn and even larger income? What if your company expenses are larger than $50,000? Do yourself a favor. Pick up a pen and paper and start brainstorming all the ways you can start paying via credit card and of all the places you can start travelling for free! Remember though, what you pay for using your credit card MUST be paid off each and every month in order to avoid paying absorbent interest charges. I know, you knew that. But like maximizing your Air Miles, most people don't do it. Make sure you are not 'most people' and enjoy your free flights! .

By: Glen Hopkins

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