Choosing A Home In The Costa Blanca

The Spanish property market has once again changed over the last 2 years or so. There was once a rush to buy property before it became too expensive as property prices were rising at a storming rate. In fact it was cheaper to buy a new property off plan than buying a resale, such was the demand, as even those who had no intention to ever use any property realised the investment potential. Most though, stuck to the off plan route as it was cheaper, the lack of trust towards Spanish estate agencies, the Valencia land grab issue and generally a lack of understanding on how to be safe when buying in Spain.

But the race has now settled, as the boom has now slowed down.It is no longer the off plan that is the cheapest route but the resale. On just about every complex you will see a 'se vende' sign, from those who want to live a new dream, those who have made a handy profit and want their return and those who have just changed their minds. To compliment this change of direction, there is far more information on good estate agencies, English speaking solicitors, plus building standards has now massively improved.

So if you are looking for your dream home on the Costa Blanca here is some handy advice. First of all get a map and try to establish what area within Costa Blanca you may be looking to buy. Then using a search engine, find the local Internet forums for that area.

Here you will be able to talk online to real people who, probably own a property or even live there, know what's what about everything in your area, recommend the right people or warn you about what to avoid. After joining a few forums you should have a good idea about your initial predictions of your chosen area. Review websites on resales and compare directly with off plan prices, asking those on the forums advice on each one.

And now you should be ready for the exciting search ahead for your new dream home in the Costa Blanca.

.Mark is wenmaster for Direct Line Home Insurance also European Breakdown Cover and Airport Parking.

By: Mark Flanighan

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