Drug Tourists and Tourism in Mexico

The Mexican Government is going to legalize drugs in their nation; even the really bad ones, but why you ask? Well for many reasons for instance they have a huge drug problem and the government see some excellent tax revenue as their nation's economy continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Most of which is coming from the United States as illegal aliens send money back home and we build corporations there and employ so many Mexicans. But there is even more to this drug story.You see, Mexico wants to capture tourist dollars and drug tourism in places like Amsterdam is big business and Mexico wants some too. In fact many druggie Americans will indeed go to Mexico to use drugs, which are considered illegal drugs in the United States.

But this causes issues for us too, as Americans will be going to Mexico to use drugs and end up getting hooked on some pretty bad stuff. Many go to Cancun for the holidays or Spring Break and with drugs totally legal who knows what people might try?.And of course do not forget that President Vincent Fox was formerly a Coca Cola Executive and that means they will have the "Coke" cocaine right back into the Coca Cola for sure.

And if they have increased drug addicts in Mexico surely they will send them here to the US when they want to get rid of them right? Is anyone considering all the ramifications of this and what it means to our nation too? Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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