Italian Stallion You Wont be Without Knowing Your Regions to Buy in Italy

Thinking about buying a property in Italy for investment or simply a place to get away from it all. It is essential to know the best regions for buying Italian property.Buying Italian property-ABRUZZO.Abruzzo is located in east central Italy. Real estate prices are typically 50% less than its neighbours of Tuscany and Umbria.Abruzzo is considered the last overlooked and undervalued area in central Italy.

Abruzzo has a unique sea and mountain location. So to ski in the mountains and swim is the sea is all possible Cities: L'Aquila is the regional capital. Pescara, Chieti and Teramo are other important cities.

Flights to Abruzzo.Daily flights to Pescara with Ryanair allow cheap and easy access! Abruzzo landscape is of rugged beauty with towns dotted along the countryside.Buying Italian property-MARCHE.Marche lies due east of Umbria and with real estate prices lower than many other parts of Italy. Marche offers great investment opportunity .

There are a choice of farmhouses requiring restoration this can be acquired at bargain prices. Marche's landscape ranges from the peaks of Monti.Sibillini to flat plains nearer the coastline and 100 miles of sandy beaches.Cities: The regional capital is Ancona. Other important cities are Ascoli Piceno, Pesaro, Urbino and Macerata.

Flights to Marche.Both Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Ancona.Buying Italian real estate-PUGLIA.Puglia is located at the south eastern tip of Italy with hundreds of miles of coastline.

Puglia is mostly a flatland with high coastlines plunging steep into the sea. The region is ideal for a real estate investment with relatively low prices. Houses range from small 'trulli' awaiting restoration to large masserias and modern villas.Cities: Bari is the regional capital. Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto are the capitals of the respective provinces.Flights To Puglia.

Flights to Bari are commonplace.Buying Italian property -SARDINIA.Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Sardinia lies in the heart of the Mediterranean, located due west of the central Italy coast.

Demand for real estate continues with the South of the Island offering very good investment opportunities. The Island possesses a diverse landscape from soft sandy beaches lined with dense pinewoods to sharp cliff tops.Cities: Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia.Flights to Sardinia.A high number of flights can be found to Cagliari in the South and Alghero in the North including low cost airline Ryanair.Buying a house Sardinia Italy- more information from Italian tourist board.

Buying property in TUSCANY.Tuscany continues to prove a very popular destination for overseas investors and bargains can still be spotted particular in the interior and south. The costs of renovation work here s a lot cheaper than in other parts of Europe. This means improved chances of profits from renovation projects.Cities: Florence is the capital of Tuscany.

Other important cities are Siena, Pisa, Arezzo, Pistoia, Lucca, Livorno, Grosseto, Massa Carrara.Flights to Tuscany.Regular flights to Florence and Pisa exist from the UK including Rynair flights from London, Glasgow, Brussels, Frankfurt and Hamburg.Buying property in Tuscany more information about Tuscany Italian tourist board.Buying property in UMBRIA.

Umbria is located in central Italy, bordering Tuscany in the west and Marche in the east. Known as the 'Green Heart of Italy', the he region is mostly mountainous and hilly with woodland and beautiful lakes including the huge lake Trasimeno Stone farmhouses offer a rustic piece of Italy.Cities: Perugia is the regional capital. Other important cities are Assisi, Gubbio, Orvieto, Todi, Spoleto,Terni.Flights to Umbria.

Regular flights to Perugia can be found.

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By: Nicholas Marr

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