Life in Las Vegas

"I'll go and get some munchies for us, Bob. Don't give that beautiful black-haired lady my seat. Eh?"."You wish!" Sean went to get some food while Bob ordered some white wine for them both.

"You're becoming a regular aren't you?" The sprightly barmaid commented as she brought him their drinks and took his Gold Card."I was coming to Friday's before you were allowed to drink milk on your own, probably. I've been to them in so many cities I can't even remember."."I'm older than you think. In fact you're probably not more than five years older than me.

" She chuckled, as one of the other patrons who was standing nearby joined in."It isn't usual to hear a woman bragging about how old she is. Do you always have this effect on people, Mr. Black Hat?" A woman of about thirty with long red hair commented.

"I do seem to cause some extreme reactions in many situations. I guess it must be because I'm a REAL red-head! Ha-ha."."I suppose you want to see if I'm a REAL red-head." She smiled with a wicked and mischievous grin that Bob returned, just as Sean came back and stood between them."I can't leave you alone for a minute; can I Bob? SO who is this beauty you've struck up an acquaintance with? My name is Sean.

" Sean was shaking her hand as she looked him over."I had been thinking he was your father, but now I see you are much better looking and he couldn't be related to YOU! My name is Bonnie Brown, and I love that accent!"."Bonnie was just suggesting that I might want to know what even her hairdresser doesn't. Maybe you could take her up on that offer." Bob was close to laughing out loud."I was not! He is a 'rude dude', why don't we go sit somewhere else Sean?" Bonnie responded angrily.

"Please, Sean. See what she wants. I'm OK here for a while. Take your drink with you." Bob held his drink out for Sean to take.

"Bonnie, I don't know why the two of you choose to be doing what you are doing. I would be happy to talk with you and explore the possibilities but I don't see any reason to make enemies. If I get him to promise not to be rude will you stay and continue our discussion?"."You look and sound so DELICIOUS. I would do anything for you! Why don't we go out to my car and discuss it in private?".

"I think I see why Bob was acting the way he was Bonnie. I'm sure there are lots of people who would be happy to take you up on your offer. I am not inclined to do that with someone I don't know. I'm sorry.

"."You might very well be sorry later. I want you to know I am a mortgage banker and a professional who doesn't waste time 'beating around the bush'; if I like something I 'go for it'."."Sounds delightful, Bonnie.

I am inclined to look for something a little more meaningful when I engage in sex, however. Perhaps what you are doing works for you. It doesn't work with me!".Sean turned to smile at Bob as Bonnie walked to the other side of the bar. "Wow! American women can be pretty forward!".

"I think Swedish women are forward. She is sick. You handled the situation very well and much more politely than I was doing.

I am impressed."."I was too!" A blond girl of about 25 who was standing near the gas pump in the corner offered."My name is Susan; may I join the two of you?" She began to take Bonnie's barstool as Bob and Sean admired her whole appearance. Her face was sculpted with smooth lines and style."This is Sean; he is from New Zealand and doing a world tour until he decided to stay here in Las Vegas.

I'm Bob, and I just moved here from L.A., but I'm originally from Canada. Are you from Las Vegas, Susan?"."No, but I've been here for a couple of years working as a show girl and trying to get a singing career together.

I'm from Florida originally."."You have wonderful warmth in your voice!" Sean remarked with apparent admiration.

"Is that the famous Southern Drawl I've heard about?"."Her drawl is much better than most, Sean." Bob offered as he saw the two of them were attracted to each other and got up. "I think I'll go get something to eat at the buffet. Would you like some Susan?"."I'll have some of Sean's stuff here.

" Susan was definitely what Sean needed. When Bob returned he noticed they were enjoying each other immensely and he reminded Sean that he would be picking him up at four in the morning. "You can sleep on the way to L.A. if you want, but you must be ready. I think I'll go and get rested up.

Susan, it was nice meeting you! I hope we'll meet again sometime. He needs to be shown the best that Las Vegas has to offer and I hope you are the one to do it.".

"What do you suggest, Bob?"."I think Cirque du Soleil is a good show, and maybe you could take him to the 'Follies' or wherever you work."."Yes, that is where I work! Thanks Bob! I look forward to seeing you again, too.

" Susan stood and gave him a hug after he shook hands with Sean. Sean thanked Bob with a big smile on his face. On his way out Bob looked back and saw them engaged in getting ready to go to the shows.

"Sean, I think your eyes look almost like Paul Newman's. I love them and I hope you are as great a man as he is."."Have you met HIM?!"."Yes.

I was introduced as the lead dancer in a program he was attending as a fund-raiser."."Tell me all about yourself; you must have an exciting life!".

"Well, I think it would be best if we head over to the Mirage and get to know each other on the way. Did you bring your car?"."No, I just decided to stay here this morning or late last night.

We were up very late." They both stood to get on their way and Sean made sure he pulled her chair out for her."Thank you very much! I don't always need a gentleman, but it is nice for a change. Do you know anything about Cirque?" Sean responded with a mutter as he saw her strong legs and fantastic shape in front of him. He told himself to be cool and not to get too excited. As he dashed ahead of her to get the door on their way out, Susan stopped him and gave him a little kiss.

"I don't want you to treat me as some kind of goddess, Sean. Just be yourself.".

"I am used to opening doors for ladies. That is how my parents raised me, and besides I like getting the chance to look at your face."."How do you like 'Lost Wages'? Sean?".

"I'm getting to know it and I am a very lucky person! Bob and some other people I met last night are the MOST incredible people I have ever met. I get to meet a lot of important people; my father is a 'big wig' in New Zealand." They stopped at a Mitsubishi 3000 GT.

It was black and fast looking. Sean was impressed by the newness and beauty of the car. "I love the look of these cars! I hope you let me drive it sometime.".

He opened the driver's door for her and gave her a kiss once she was seated in the front seat, before rushing around to get in the other door. "So Susan, I want to know all about you!" He said while doing his seatbelt up."OK.

Here is the five minute synopsis. I am 26, a Virgo and I'll graduate with a Master's in Psychology in January. I own my own home in Summerlin and I have a Persian cat named Carmelita. My last name is Del Balso, and I grew up in Boca Raton.

My father died a couple of years ago, but he wasn't an important part of my life for most of it. We had some problems that I don't wish to go into right now. I love all kinds of music and I sing pop music in a band occasionally. There are many things I enjoy but creativity and cleanliness are the tops with me.

I think I'm going to get my doctorate while I establish a growing practice dealing with family violence."."That is 'fantastic'! WE might be able to work something out with you. I can't tell you all the details but we are starting a sensual emporium of spiritual delights and need someone to help the performers with psychological problems. It will include an Oriental acupressure massage and herbal store as well as a psychic bookstore and a strip club. It won't be like any such club that anyone in these parts has ever seen.

Our purpose is to help people understand and enjoy their sexuality. It will include a sex toy/clothing shop and lots of other things, like yoga sessions and intellectual meetings. Bob says the Playboy Club had some of these things when it started."."That sounds exciting! Will you have musical performers on occasion, like the Playboy Club? Here we are; I'll leave the car with the attendant and we need to hurry if we hope to get the best seats the floor manager has available.".

"Don't we go to the ticket counter?" Sean asked as he followed."I almost never have to pay for any entertainment, except at New Year's or the Computer Show." They went to the Floor Manager directly and before they got close to him he was waving and beckoning to Susan.

Sean felt like a 'star' even though he was just along for the ride. He noticed many people had a hard time keeping their eyes off Susan, and it made him feel more important than he thought it would. "This is Sean, my date! He's moving here from New Zealand and I want him to see the best show in town!" Susan spoke as if there was no chance she wouldn't get her request answered as she wanted. A crowd of other employees and patrons were standing near her and asking each other who she was, or talking about her performing skills. They got seats about eye level with the performers, and Sean thought they were the best seats in the house. When they were seated Susan leaned against him and he put his arm around her shoulders.

"I have never been with a 'star'; pardon my excitement."."I can see there are a few things I'll have to teach you, but I imagine you'll be able to show me a thing or three, too.

" Susan looked up at him and pursed her full luscious red lips. He kissed her sweetly at first and then his hand moved to the side of her neck as his tongue flicked across her lips. She responded with passion and a touch on the inside of his leg just as the lights went down and the circus began. At the end of the show Sean was thinking how much more he needed to know about what love can be before he committed to any one person. He knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he felt with Susan could grow into something awesome and he was not sure he could imagine that ever happening with Carolyn. He also knew they had never really experienced a lot together either.

His thoughts were interrupted by a squeeze on his knee, and he looked to see Susan looking into his baby blues."I love your eyes! Did I tell you that?"."Yes, but don't think for an instant that I don't want to hear anything you have to say about such things. Because I am absolutely 'blown away' by YOU!" They stood and a natural hug occurred without either of them having to think about it. As they went into the casino Sean saw it was a little after eleven and he knew he had to get up in four hours and hadn't slept much the night before. "I don't want to be away from you but I do need to get a little rest.

If there is any chance that you aren't sure WE have to get together again, I will hang around you and do whatever I can to change your mind!"."Sean, I must tell you this. I don't like to play games. I have a boyfriend, but we aren't getting along right now. I think you are the kind of person that I could LOVE in a way that I have never LOVED anyone before.

I am close to being infatuated with you, too."."God. That sounds so? FANTASTIC!!" Their lips met without Susan having to stand on her tip toes. Sean held her around her tiny waist and felt her large firm butt beneath his hands.

He almost felt dizzy as the kiss continued and he had to put his arm out to brace himself against the wall."Where are you staying?" Susan made a low and guttural purr."Here? on the tenth floor!".

"Can I walk you to your room?" Susan said as they separated."Yes, I guess so. I must tell you something first though.

" Susan took his hand and led him to the elevator as he spoke. "Before I came on this world tour I was engaged to someone I hardly know. Our parents are both from very important families and we have grown up knowing that we were supposed to be together or that it was a likely outcome. I talked to her last night and we both agreed that is stupid and almost feudal.

"."I see." Susan took her hand away from his and then put it back. "I guess you need some time to think about whether or not you and I should get too involved, then.".They entered the elevator with other people and Sean was nearly beside himself.

He wanted to stop the elevator and kiss Susan with all his heart. He didn't want her to think he wasn't able to be FREE to love her in whatever way she wanted. "I loved the artistry of the show! Have you seen it many times before?".

"Yes, I've seen it four times now, but it is so good I enjoy it more each time. I really appreciate every movement their bodies make and how difficult it is, the more I see them.".

They left the elevator together and waited till other people passed by them, before they kissed. There was no one to see them as they slowly kissed. Sean looked into her dark eyes and felt her pull him closer as she returned the energy of his deep gaze. When he nibbled lightly on her lower lip after sucking it for a minute he reached up to just beneath her breasts. She pushed them into his chest and put her hand behind his head. Just then the elevator opened again on its way down.

"No. Please come to my room!" Sean said as a moment of fear gripped him. "I don't want you to leave!"."Are you afraid we won't see each other again?".

"A little! I know I would be a fool to let you go without making ABSOLUTELY sure that we are going to have a chance to get to know each other better.".

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By: Robert Baird

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