Swimming with Dolphins in Key Largo

Key Largo, known as the diving capital of the world, is located only an hour and a half from Miami International airport. Key Largo is the first in the Florida Keys chain and a perfect get-a-way for an extended vacation or day trip from Miami.Key Largo is home to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, a spectacular underwater park. Professional charter boat captains can help you search for marlin, dolphin, wahoo or tuna just a few miles off the shore.Dolphins can be spotted daily in a sandy bottomed area about 10-15 feet deep where they are constantly on the move in search of fish to eat.

One cannot swim with dolphins here because the laws of Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 apply here, in addition to the laws of the State of Florida. One can only watch any one group of dolphins for about 30 minutes from the boat from about 50 yards so that feeding, mating, nursing their babies, etc., is not disrupted.The law prohibits pursuing wild dolphins, swimming after, and touching them.

If dolphins approach you while snorkeling (as opposed to you approaching them) the law suggests that you enjoy the moment of close encounter and then go back to the boat.

.Dolphin Swim Info provides detailed information about swimming with dolphins, including profiles of the best places to swim with dolphins: Florida, Hawaii, Cancun, California, Malta, Key Largo, and the Bahamas.

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By: Thomas Morva

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