Tanzania Wilderness Safari

Do you want to experience a unique Tanzania safari in the African wilderness; where there are no or very few fellow travelers? It is possible in Tanzania with many National Parks scattered in remote wilderness areas. Although, these can be difficult to access; meaning expensive charted flights or days of hard driving to access these remote parks. However, it is possible to experience the remote wilderness on the increasing popular Northern Circuit of Tanzania.The Northern Circuit is usually thought of as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire and Lake Manyara. Over the past few seasons this area of Tanzania has become very popular.

So much so that many people are wondering if now these once seldom visited parks are in danger of becoming over commercialized. However, this assertion is not true; the truth of the matter is the tour operator and the tourist are returning to visit the same hot spots over and over again. This is due, in part, to laziness of the tour operator and the vast amount of misinformation to the budding tourist.

One such hot spot is the northern tip of the Tarangire ? the secret is this park is a hidden jewel. Once you get away from the touristy northern tip the rest of this park is remote and one of the best places to see wildlife during the dry season; with the added bonus that wilderness parts of the park allow game walks.There are private game concessions such as the Western Kilimanjaro where there are few camps, and game viewing is against the back drop of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro. The small camps found in these remote areas are best visited for a few days, to appreciate and experience the safari to the full.

The camps are very comfortable. They blend into their natural surroundings offering privacy, intimacy with nature and isolation from the madding crowd. These camps usually work together with local communities to help improve the living conditions of the local people. There very survival depends on offering a unique experience of Tanzania for the first time visitor as well as the veteran safari-est.

These areas offer experiences that are so memorable they will keep you coming back to Tanzania to experience more and more of this fascinating country.A mistake made by many is to see as much as possible in a short a time as possible. The paradox is by doing this you are likely to see, to experience less. Slowness is the art to Africa. Leave your watch behind, seriously this should be on a list of most essential items to leave at home in order that you safari is a success. Plan your safari and then lay back and enjoy the laziness of the African safari.

.For further information on Wilderness Safaris see http://www.betheladventure. using tourism to fund community initiatives focused on the education of the young and the medical care for the whole family. Ensure your safari is using profits to help the community.

By: Ian Williamson

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