Visiting New York City Connect to Culture and Cultures

Most visitors to the New York City area are quite acquainted with it already. After all, much has been revealed about the city via media; many of its attractions are well known. Even if a visitor has been to New York before, there is always much more to explore. Intriguing culture can be experienced at one of the city's museums, on Broadway, at the symphony, at the ballet, or by the history of New York itself.The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits a multicultural expression of paintings, textiles, photography, furniture, and musical instruments from various points in history.

The Egyptian collection is especially massive and undoubtedly mesmerizing. The Cloisters is considered a part of the Metropolitan Museum. Its located, however, in Fort Tryon Park and its collection and the building itself reflects art and architecture of Medieval Europe.Amazingly, the architecture of the Soloman R.

Guggenheim Museum is one of its major attractions. Its brightness and its layers jump out as its juxtaposed with the other 19th Century architecture in the neighborhood. Inside the museum offers, among others, modern, impressionistic-from early to post, Surrealist, and abstract art.

Interestingly, the private collections exhibited at the Guggenheim are viewed as a whole without distinction as to type of medium.A plethora of other exceptional museums can be experienced in New York. For example, the Museum of Television and Radio houses credible glimpses of the history of these popular forms of media. Depending upon a visitor's preference, there's also the colloquial American Folk Art Museum and the eminent Whitney Museum of American Art.Even if a Broadway show is not on the agenda, a visit to the area bordered by Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue and 41st to 54th Streets is well worth it.

Just absorbing the ambiance emits a level of fascination.There are an exorbitant amount of other cultural adventures in New York. Namely, the New York City Ballet, which is the largest dance organization in the United States. Notably, as well, the New York Philharmonic with an origin dating back to 1842.

The busy Philharmonic plays over 180 concerts a year.How about a concert in Central Park? The richness of nature totally surrounded by urban greatness is an especially appealing venue for plays, readings, and concerts. Two other city parks are also connected to New York's culture and history. Battery Park is a reminder of an almost-ancient fortified city. Washington Square Park reflects a casual, lazy-afternoon feeling despite its regal arch.

Famous New York architectural feats reflect culture influenced by the time period they originated in. Views from atop the famous Empire State building shed light on the overall layout of New York. Art nouveau is reflected in the architecture of the Chrysler Building. The incredible 19th Century Flat Iron Building was an experimental architectural feat for its time and is still considered a marvel.Finally, the Statue of Liberty that sits in New York harbor is a beacon, continually making visitors aware of the diversity of cultures that have influenced the city.

New York then radiates these cultures within its domain and cultivates through experience all who visit.

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By: Stan Smith

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