Life in Las Vegas - "I'll go and get some munchies for us, Bob.

The Elaphite Islands Croatias BestKept Secret - Accounts vary as to why the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder chose to name the dainty archipelago that lies just off the coast of Dubrovnik after deer (elafos in Greek).

Scenic Train Rides Around The World - I'm not sure why on scenic train rides you can have a beer, but you can't on a bus.

Let My People Go Visit the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Cincinnati Ohio - The words from this old Negro Spiritual never were more real than when I recently visited the new National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Things To Do In London - London Bus Tours are an essential part of sightseeing in London.

Majorca Luxury Villas Enjoy Your Holidays in Majorca - The largest amongst the perfectly set Balearic Islands is the Majorca Island.

Sorting Out Tuscany Italy - Let me show you an easy way to get to know the Tuscany region and with this, different tuscany villas rental holiday homes.

Swimming with Dolphins in Key Largo - Key Largo, known as the diving capital of the world, is located only an hour and a half from Miami International airport.

Festival of San Isidro Madrid - Every May the Spanish capital comes alive for the Festival of San Isidro, in honour of the city?s patron saint.

A Stag Weekend in Edinburgh - Reached a stagnant point in work? It?s time for you to treat yourself to a stag weekend in Edinburgh.

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