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Texas' Antique Shopping Scene
From Danno Wise

Small Towns Across Texas Cater to Antique Hunters

Perhaps it’s because Texas has some a long and interesting history – we were our own country, after all. Maybe folks are trying to grab a link to our collective past. Or, maybe it’s because Texans just favor “real wood.” Whatever the reason, shopping for antique furniture has swept across the Lone Star State with unparalleled passion in recent years.

Of course, there have always been antique seekers. However, in years past most had to rely on estate sales, the occasional auction or huge “market” events. Those are still viable venues today. In fact, events such as Canton’s “Trade Days,” which are held the first Monday of every month, draw thousands each time they are staged.

But, more and more, antique shoppers are finding shops dedicated to their cause. In fact, entire towns have begun to develop their economies around antiques and those who shop for them.

Among the top areas for antique shopping is the Central Texas region surrounding Austin. And, while Austin itself has a variety of stores peddling antique wares, many of the best shops are located in the small towns surrounding the Capital City. Kerrville has long been a favorite destinations of Texans. In recent years visitors to Texas have also found out about this laid-back Hill Country town. Other nearby towns, such as Fredericksburg and Wimberley also have dozens of shops catering to antique shoppers.

But, although the Hill Country has become an “antique Mecca” of sorts, don’t dismiss other areas of the states when looking for furniture built long ago. In particular, many towns in the Piney Woods have thriving antique markets.

Palestine and Jefferson are among the best examples of prime antique shopping tucked beneath the towering pine trees of East Texas. Closer to the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex, Old Town Lewisville is designed to take visitors back to the turn of the century and you can shop for early 20th century furniture and curios while you’re there!

These are but a few of the many areas of Texas that offer excellent antique shopping. So, whether you are looking for a link to the past or simply a stately piece of furniture to fill out your den, odds are you’ll find it in Texas.