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Teams Across Texas Have Begun Practice and Training Camp
From Danno Wise

Although it is still summer, it’s not the sweltering August heat that is most affecting Texans these days. Rather, it is Friday Night Fever – and Saturday and Sunday afternoon fever, for that matter - that is spreading across the Lone Star State. Football season has begun and no one is happier than the average Texas football fan. High schools across Texas began their annual summer practice on the first day of August.

Most teams begin scrimmages with opponents after two weeks of practice. The official high school season kicks off with the Texas Football Classic August 25-27 in the Alamodome in San Antonio.

This three-day event features five games from high school teams across Texas. Although the Texas Football Classic and high school football in general seems most appealing to local fans, a surprising number of out-of-state fans make the trek to Texas to sample some of the state’s fabled schoolboy action. Of course, fans are interested in seeing more than just high school sports.

And, Texas boasts a dozen Division I college football programs and numerous other smaller college squads. Most notable among the Texas collegiate crowd are the University of Texas Longhorns and Texas A&M Aggies.

Big things are expected from both teams – Texas even harbors national title hopes – but other Texas teams such as UTEP, Texas Tech, and TCU have been making a splash on the national scene in recent years as well.

And, don’t forget, two Texas cities, Houston and Dallas are home to NFL franchises as well. As August begins, the NFL teams have begun their annual summer training camp rituals. While the Cowboys are spending the first few weeks of August in Oxnard, California, the ‘Boys will be back in the Big D later in August for a few preseason games, giving Texas tourists a chance to see them up close. The Texans are staying home in Houston, which allows visitors to Texas’ largest city a chance to see an NFL team at work during preseason practices.

Whatever your football fancy, rest assured Texas has a team for you. And, with the season beginning in summer and running through winter, there is plenty of time to get a taste of Texas football.