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Spring Break in Texas
From Danno Wise

Texas Offers Several Excellent Spring Break Destinations As far as college students are concerned, it is never to early to begin planning for Spring Break. Luckily for them, Texas is home to a number of excellent Spring Break destinations.

Typically, there are two distinct regions Spring Breakers gravitate to in Texas – one is the Gulf Coast and the other is the Hill Country. Both of these regions offer a host of activities, with most of the fun being focused in or around the water.

Indeed, water sports and activities dominate the time Spring Breakers aren’t spending drinking or in clubs. In the Hill Country region, many ‘Breakers head north of Austin to Lake Travis, although others spread out to the numerous lakes dotting the Hill Country.

The other main Spring Break draws in the Hill Country are New Braunfels and San Marcos. Each of these towns offer great river access for those wishing to tube the San Marcos and Guadalupe rivers.

But, by and large, Texas beaches are the mainstay of Spring Breakers headed to Texas. Aransas Pass and Port Aransas are two popular small towns on the coast for Spring Breakers to party. Coastal cities such as Corpus Christi and Galveston attract plenty of Spring Breakers as well.

However, hands down the most popular Spring Break destination in Texas is South Padre Island. South Padre offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation and entertainment options. Among the most popular water sports are wind surfing, diving and snorkeling, and parasailing. Some of the most popular nightclubs are Louie’s Backyard and Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark, which offers water sports during the day and live music at night.

The biggest hurdle for Spring Breakers hoping to head to Padre is finding a place to stay. South Padre Island hotels book early for the Spring Break season, especially those with beachfront activities such as the Radisson and Sheraton.

So, if you are a Spring Breaker hoping to find a place to party in Texas during the annual spring sabbatical, you better get started now. The best rooms are taken well before March at all the best destinations. And, when it comes to a Texas-size Spring Break, you don’t want to get left out.